Townhall – My Big Trade – 10.30.2018

A recent market sell off has everyone asking, “where do we go next?” A bull will tell you we are […]

Townhall – No Friends – 10.15.2018

Once a week, I play poker. It’s fantastic. 10/11 guys sitting around, playing cards, and having fun. There’s only one […]

Townhall – You Can’t Find This Anywhere Else – 10.08.2018

After 6 straight days of being up, the market didn’t just look like it stopped to take a breath, it looked like it was out of breath.

Imagine a punch drunk boxer who threw everything he had and couldn’t even lift his arms up to defend any more.

Townhall – My Secret To Trading Success – 10.01.2018

It’s always good to play to your strength…

As an example, while at the University of Michigan, it used to take me weeks to study for an accounting test.

Townhall – A September Trade To Remember – 09.10.2018

The market is a a remarkable psychological beast.

If you find yourself asking questions such as …

“How much higher can it go?”

Townhall – The Best Trade You Will Ever Make – 08.28.2018

Today I am going to tell you about the absolute best trade I ever made and even more importantly – I’m going to prepare you for the best trade you will ever make.

Townhall – The Truth About Options Trading – 08.20.2018

Do you fall into this category?

You understand stocks but options seems like a second language.

If Yes (or even maybe), this is for you …

Townhall – The Ultimate Options Experience… – 08.05.2018

Will started working for me when he was still in college.

He’s a very hard worker having held multiple jobs at the same time while still taking a max course load in school.

Once he started with me full time, he was very drawn to the excitement of Options Trading.

Townhall – When It Comes To Your Trading, Play The Long Game – 07.30.2018

The following example is based on a short term (1 week) Option Trade.

Let’s say you really like AAPL above 195.

The stock crosses 195 and as it’s moving towards 196, you buy the 195 call for $2.

All of a sudden, AAPL goes from looking great to terrible.

Town Hall – He Traded So He Could Ski – 05.22.2018

In a May 22, 2018 Townhall Finance write-up, Adam writes about how a close Michigan University of Michigan classmate was able to utilize his market tips to architect his dream life.

Town Hall – The Worst Financial Interview Ever Recorded – 05.04.2018

In a May 14, 2018 article, Adam analyzes Elon Musk, and what the former called “The Worst Interview Ever Recorded.”

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In an August 3, 2017 post, Adam lays out his boldest market prediction for 2017.

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In a July 24, 2017 post, Adam lays out the actions that today’s top traders take.

An Oral History of YOLO – Vanity Fair – 02.05.2013

On the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, the Lonely Island crew partnered with host Adam Levine and musical […]

Newsmax – Short Squeeze Will Save Stocks

In a March 5, 2009 Newsmax article, Adam advocates the usage of a short squeeze.

Consumers Digest – Average Joe gives above-average trading advice

In a November 2008 Consumers Digest piece, Adam provides its readers with above-average trading advice.