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How to find the best stocks to buy now

Trading stocks is one of the most exciting ways to grow your wealth because every day presents you with an exhilarating ride in the stock market. However, the success of your stock trading depends on your ability to discover the best stocks to buy now out of the multitude of stocks in the market.

There is really no one-size-fits-all strategy for choosing the stocks to buy now; however, you may want to consider some time-tested and trusted strategies even as you look for the best stocks to buy in 2017.

Piggyback behind the Experts to Find Top Stocks to buy

Piggybacking behind the experts to find top stocks to buy is the easiest way to have winning stocks in your portfolio. You can subscribe to stock trading newsletters or services for daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly alerts on the best stocks to buy now. Many of these stock trading services have huge research capabilities in human resource, capital and technology beyond the scope of the average individual trader. Hence, they are able to devote time, energy and resources into conducting their due diligence to discover the best blockbuster stock for your portfolio.

Nonetheless, it is essential that you subscribe to the experts that actually put their money where their mouth is. Hence, the expert must trade the stocks he recommends personally or for a portfolio that he manages. It is also in your best interest to find an expert that will give you periodic updates on the stocks so that you can know when to exit the trade in order to keep your gains.

Find Best Stocks to Buy Using Stock Screeners

A hands-on way to finding the best stocks to buy now is to locate stocks using stock screeners. You must have a functional understanding of financial metrics in order to use stock screeners to locate the stocks to buy now. You can screen for stocks by industry, market cap, share price, and price change among other things. You can also screen for stocks that are increasing their share price, stocks that pay dividends consistently, stocks with impressive revenues among many other financial metrics.

The screener narrows down the list of stocks based on your selected criteria. However, you should note that the presence of stock in the screen result as one of the top stocks to buy does not automatically qualify the stock for your portfolio. You should conduct your due diligence to find out of more about the underlying business of such stocks before you decide to buy stocks now.

Discover Best Stocks to Buy Now with Market News

Market news and events can be an important ally if you want to discover and buy top stocks now. Market news can come in form of mergers and acquisitions, new product release, lawsuits, FDA approval (for healthcare stocks) or even a geopolitical event. Your ability to interpret such events into how they are likely to affect the stocks will assist you in using such events to know the best stocks to buy.

Conclusively, knowing the best stocks to buy 2017 is a mix of paying attention to market news, using screeners to narrow down a list and piggybacking behind the experts for recommendations on stocks to trade. The use of each of the three strategies will yield some best stocks to buy, but a combination of the three strategies is a surest way to find the best stocks to buy now.

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