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Through The Adam Mesh Trading Group, Adam and his company distribute a daily newsletter, products and a stock-trade coaching program. After his reality TV success, Adam was inundated with inquiries about how to achieve stock market fortune like he did. Inspired by the many who wanted to learn, Adam created his first product, a book entitled "The Average Joe's Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market." The book details the crux of The Adam Mesh Trading Group's mission: to teach technical analysis and the intangibles of trading: discipline, control and accountability.

Under the AMTG coaching program, Adam and his team of traders teach novice traders how any ‘average joe’ can make millions in the stock market. By cleverly utilizing his trainees’ best attributes and designing models specific to each individual person, Adam gives his clients a base on which they can build their trading career allowing them to succeed. The Adam Mesh Trading Group Coaching Program has created a lively community of coaches and students who interact through Group Calls, Webinars and User Message Boards. The AMTG Coaching Program is responsible for the successful investment and smart-decision making of thousands of beginner and advanced traders across the globe.

Adam's daily newsletter, which he pens himself, is received by hundreds of thousands of people per day. Adam Mesh has been featured in Fortune Magazine for his uncanny trading abilities and stock market performance record. He was the Stock Market Personality of the Month in Consumer Reports and appeared on various national television shows including ABC's Good Money, CNBC’s Squawk Box, Fox Business, NBC’s Today Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Regis and Kelly, ABC News, and Anderson Cooper 360.

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One-On-One Stock Market Coaching

In an effort to best serve you, coaching programs are custom made to fit your personality and your lifestyle. Please take a moment to answer the following questions so that we can best meet your needs.

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