You Have Before You the Only Road Map to Consistent Stock Market Profits that You Will Ever Need!

Most traders are losing traders. They're trading "the wrong way".
There is only one right way for the "Average Joe" like me and the Wall Street Investor as well, to master the stock market—and pull out very consistent returns. It involves some very simple basics...

In a few moments I'm going to share with you how to amass a fortune greater than you ever thought possible—in just a few hours a week!

Dear Investor,

Once in a long while, something comes along in the financial world that has the potential for being a real life-changer for anyone who wants to make consistent wealth in the stock market. It's far from "the next new thing" - yet it contains the "trader's DNA" to open up untold numbers of profit opportunities that very few traders... very few... have ever seen before. And it's by no means complicated to learn.

I'm holding that "something" in my hand right now. And I want you to have a copy of it. If you are staring your future in the face today like so many in these tough economic times... and you're not sure about your financial years ahead... you should not be without this!

No matter what yesterday looks like...

No matter what your life, hopes or experience have been up till now... no matter how high OR low you've been feeling with the economic news... the volatile, teeming stock market... your own personal financial situation—and your confidence level... just sit back, relax, and read on...

You are about to discover an astounding method for capturing consistent profits - using a system that most traders know very little about. Now maybe you are an absolute beginning investor... or possibly you have just found yourself on the losing side of a rollercoaster ride in the stock market. No matter which one you are, today is the first day of your financial makeover!

As you will soon see, this is a very special program... but it's not magic. It just WORKS like magic! But it's not about the program—it's about what it does for YOU. All it takes is a little time, a little patience, a little discipline and a little trading capital. But then the fun begins... and once you get going with this you can take on Wall Street like a ninja—like I do. After that, you're on your way to wealth and rescuing those lost dreams!

Most traders are losing traders! Are you one of them?

Why do so many traders wind up losing money? Well, there are two reasons... if you're a losing trader, it's because

  1. You lack the proper training to spot and position your trades for profit generation and preservation

  2. Your emotions are sabotaging your trading.

It's what I call "trading the wrong way" and it literally plagues the world of investors. But I have THE simple solution right here. In only a few hours, you WILL learn how to stop thinking and trading like a losing trader! Now it's time to turn the tables and trade the RIGHT way.

Your Great Adventure will begin as soon as you understand that mastery of the market is within your grasp right now!

I have coached thousands of students to all stages of success in trading. What I have before me are the "power tools" to BUILD your incredible future! And it will be simpler than you ever thought possible. Very soon you will be very sure of yourself and your new-found skills—you will...

You will be learning control... of you AND the stock market... through time-honored, sure-fire analysis and rules. No hype, no fog, no uneasiness and no fear.

I mean every word of that. You see, I've been a real "possibility guy" - ever since the possible became the real for me a few years back, conquering the stock market.

The absolute thrill of new possibilities

I'm sure you remember your first "mountaintop experience" when you realized a powerful moneymaking opportunity was before you, and you saw yourself being able to do that thing.

I remember too. I recall the very day that I fully realized I had a tiger by the tail—and soon that tiger was totally under my control. I had found and used the tools, rules and power I needed to build an empire in my corner of the world. Doors were opening for me, opportunities were everywhere and the money began pouring in.

"Find a job you like and you add five days to every week."
– H. Jackson Browne

That's why I'm writing to you!

Maybe your mountaintop experience led you to a valley of unfulfilled dreams. But I'm here to show you how you can turn that corner and change everything. I learned many secrets on Wall Street that I used to turn my visions into reality... and I believe in sharing those secrets!

If you know about Adam Mesh, you know that I'm all about coming up with sound, honest solutions traders and investors can really use! That includes tools and coaching that are among the best the world of Wall Street has ever seen. And boy, do I have something to show you now!

Jump-start Stock Market Success and Trading Mastery right now. Take advantage of this amazing offer... be one of 500 new Master Traders!

Enter the Ninja Trader and Coach

A few years ago I met Christian Tharp. He has the businessman's mindset, a stellar aptitude for the stock market, and—like me he enjoys teaching and coaching. He began coaching for our group. And committed to becoming the best, Christian became a member of an "elite corps" of Certified Market Technicians (CMTs). You see...

There are fewer than 2,000 of these amazing specialists the world over!

But that's not all...Christian Tharp is also my Chief Technical Analyst and senior stock market coach. In the past 4 years he has personally coached over 1,200 students to success.

The day I read a game-changing note & manual...

Well, let me tell you...

He was most definitely onto something!

What I read in his "how-to manual" amazed me. For the first time here was a clear, concise distillation of everything you SHOULD be doing to beat the market. He'd nailed it... this was 'the goods' right here. These rules, tips, patterns, filters and techniques are what we call "the right way to trade".

What Christian had written awakened me to this fact: Everyone who ignores these rules, steps, methods of analysis... and the other aspects found in this book—will never be winning traders! These are the ground rules. This is EXACTLY what EVERY investor should know—and every trader MUST learn.

I'm going to tell you all about that breakthrough "how-to manual" in this Special Report... and how YOU can learn and profit from everything that Christian Tharp and I teach in our coaching.

Everything you need to know about successful trading has been captured in this concise, easy-to-learn, fun-to-read booklet! Plus we are including a workbook to test your knowledge, and 2 hours' worth of video classroom training to tie it all together.

Introducing the 5-Star Trading Academy

MANY trading courses and systems have come and gone... but nothing captures the heart of the market quite like this. And that's just one of 5-Star Trading Academy's unique features!

Now you have the same opportunity that all our successful coaching students have–FINALLY you will learn how to "trade right"- because NOW you have the how-to, the when-to, when-not-to and the what-to-do! It's all in here in the 5-Star Trading Academy.

The trading manual can be read in a couple of evenings, and the workbook will hone your trading skills to razor sharpness. And the video tutorials illustrate everything in this course and bring it to life.

The 5-Star Trading Academy will change FOREVER how you approach investing—and make rich, successful stock market traders out of many, many Average Joes... Will you be one of them?

By the way... NO this will NOT be hard or take a long time for you to master! YES you do need time, patience and discipline to learn how to trade effectively and correctly—but not nearly as much as you might think! You see,

I firmly believe that most people can master the stock market – and trade successfully in just five hours a week!

You just need THE RIGHT MENTOR to come alongside and take you through the jungle. A master you trust who is also a successful trader himself. The more you learn and practice, using the proper tools, the more confident you become. The more you take complete control and responsibility for your money and your future—using this program—the more wealth opportunities occur—thousands of them!

How it's done:

There are very few people in this industry that can truthfully show you how to move past the noise and confusion—and beat the market consistently. We are part of that elite few. We teach and trade by a basic system incorporating a family of rules, technical signals, filters, chart patterns... plus it includes things you must always do and things you should NEVER do. And things you can sometimes do, depending on market conditions and known patterns. This knowledge and its application equip us to take consistent profits out of the market and trade with remarkable accuracy.

It's basic, specialized, applied knowledge... something that the majority of traders lack.

Amazing fact (and great news!) You can learn today how FEW winning trades it actually
takes to beat the stock market—and build your fortune!

It's just one incredible myth-busting truth you'll read in the 5-Star Trading Academy.
Click here to purchase your copy!

We're not looking for that next hot super-stock that the financial channel guy says will outperform everything else...

We're looking for Plain Jane stocks that give us return after return on excellent risk/reward ratios. We know exactly how to trade in any market, with almost any stock—and we pick winner after winner, over and over. It's an easy and wonderful way to make money!

Please understand the impact of what I'm saying here—you can have it all as long as you have the road map. And we have the road map right here.

Picture it. You have the specific instructions on exactly how to build and run your own Wall Street Money Dynamo. You start off a little slowly and read very carefully. Then you begin putting everything together, learning more as you go. You pause, check everything over, grab some new skills and keep building. It's putting one foot in front of the other and it's all basic stuff. But does it ever work well! And soon you're working what you've built—and that's how you become a master of the stock market with the 5-Star Trading Academy. It's not hard to do at all.

This is the real deal. It is conceivably the very last piece of stock market trading information you will ever need! Beginning with a small amount of money and armed with this information, you can write your own success ticket.

I promise you will NOT have to:

You're reading here about how easy and simple this program is to learn and use. And that comes right from the author of the 5-Star Trading Academy, Christian Tharp, who says...

What if you knew there was a certain kind of business...

Where you didn't have to go into the office in the morning. You just "checked in" once in awhile - and with your newly-acquired knowledge and skills you could turn several thousand dollars into a fortune within a year... or less. How about $25,000 $40,000, $75,000 or more in just a few months, working only from a phone or computer - from anywhere in the world?

And what if there was no real downside to this business - because for every dollar you put into the pot, you would receive $5, $15, $20 or more back? How often would you want to do this type of business if you know you couldn't ultimately fail at it?

There are average traders just like you doing this every day... living their dreams and building financial empires from wherever they choose. I call that the BEST business you could be in!

You need this knowledge—and I believe it's REVOLUTIONARY, because people just aren't teaching you this... except us!

Why? That's hard to believe!

I agree... it IS. But do you know why no one else is teaching the simple-to-understand, simple-to-use and profitable basics we teach? The answer comes right out of the pages of Christian Tharp's 5-Star Trading Academy manual. It's because ...

...simple and basic don't sell software.

Here is a course that's so clear and concise—but comes dressed as a little honest education—the only education you'll ever need to trade successfully. And that just isn't sexy. It doesn't sell high-tech, glitzy, expensive, cool-looking, captivating, complex trading software.

You don't need bells and whistles. You need consistent profits, not noise and confusion! The 5-Star Trading Academy is not rocket science. The market is indeed a complicated machine, but not this! A high-tech, hot car is complex too, but if you learn how to handle it expertly, who cares about how complicated it is?

The 5-Star Trading Academy is simply the most effective
way to take money out of the Stock Market with amazing regularity. Get your copy right now!

It's very important that you understand the impact the 5-Star Trading Academy will have on you as a trader. From the ground up you'll be quickly building a powerful storehouse of knowledge, analytical skills and market strategies. It's a foundation that's been ESSENTIAL in successful trading throughout the history of the stock market.

The world of trading can quickly become busy enough to cloud out the basics—confusing you with so many bells and whistles—a whole lot of over-the-top, hamster treadmill stuff you just do not need. Worse, this stuff confuses the dickens out of new traders... and that usually equates to fear and loss!

But there's one thing even worse than the noise and fog obscuring one's trading... and that's not ever getting the basic facts & training in the first place!

5-Star Trading Academy is NOT over-the-top, complicated or mind-numbing! The manual is a joy to read, since Christian wrote it in very conversational style. Reading it, you feel as if you're sitting at a desk with him having a friendly coaching session.

And the best thing?

It will encourage and empower you to become organized and take full and complete control. It doesn't matter whether you are advanced, intermediate, or a complete beginner in the stock market—you will succeed if you apply everything Christian teaches in the 5-Star Trading Academy.

It was Einstein who said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing you've always done and expecting a different result."

No one cares more about your money than you do!

It's a fact that the old buy-and-hold rules most investors live by, no longer apply. For the security and growth of your money, you must understand that no one cares more about your money than you do!

Here's proof. Over the last ten years, the average return of the mutual funds has been $0. Zilch, nada, bupkis, nuthin'. Yet... they have collected Billions of dollars in fees. In research done on the top ten mutual funds, investors have spent $21.7 Billion to watch stocks go up and down, up and down. That doesn't even qualify as a dismal Return-On-Investment!

I've seen a sad thing that still pervades the industry. It's that the vast majority of investors do not want to take control of their investing and the management, let alone the control of, their money. There's just no way around it, my friend...

You have to take control to win.

Do you want financial success? Then take control and invest in YOU right now. Do you want to move past doubt, uncertainty, past failures, feelings of less-than, overwhelm, and even mediocrity—into a much brighter financial future than anything you've ever envisioned before?

Then join the scores of others who have taken control of THEIR money, time and lives. Enroll in the 5-Star Trading Academy and put your money to work building your new financial kingdom!

But it takes a lot of time to do this... right?

No, it most certainly does not! This is a course for busy people. Christian has already put in the time and the climb. He's reached the place where he can show you everything you will need to achieve success in the stock market. The learning can be a little slow in the beginning, but when you get this, it can take just minutes a day!

And one other thing about time...

As I said I am absolutely convinced that anyone can make handsome profits trading stocks with just five hours a week!

I love the stock market! It doesn't care how young or old you are, who you are, how many friends you have, your job history, your race, color, religion—the market has plenty of opportunities for everybody.

Do You Want Real Results?

If you have the desire to learn and succeed—and I believe you do—we will show you trading done the right way. It begins right here.

How would your life change if you knew you couldn't fail – and you had all the money you ever needed?

2 Crucial Questions for you...

What will your tomorrow look like? What will one year from today look like for you? Because it may just be downhill for you, financially, if you decide to do nothing about it today. And that is your greatest risk of all.

The 5-Star Trading Academy arms you with the most powerful knowledge, skills and trading tools available on Wall Street

In the 1990s when I discovered the power of the knowledge and tools I had, I began taking continuous profits and amassed a fortune. In one 20-minute time period I made $19,743 as the folks from Fortune Magazine watched over my shoulder! We became known as the New Market Makers and that was only the first of a series of articles about me in Fortune. In fact, a quote from Fortune Magazine reads, "Adam Mesh, for example, typically moves about 400,000 shares, although he's been known to handle a million." I was one smokin' market maker.

I had arrived - and understood for the first time that the way I traded could be reduced to a set of rules, technical charting aspects, guidelines and disciplines for every successful trader.

I built a trading firm with 60 traders and managed money—very large sums of it. With this system we were using, one of us had a whopping winning streak...160 consecutive trading days without a single loss! The stock market is immense, complex and extremely powerful. And like any economically-based machine, it generates winners and spits out losers at light speed.

But I had the keys to the kingdom! I had learned how to maximize every dollar and minimize losses. I knew when to trade and when not to. I was a master at beating Wall Street... and I'm just an Average Joe!

So with all this in mind, let me ask you...

If YOU had a program like this one—tweaked and honed to precision– that warned you about pitfalls up ahead to avoid – a system without all the noise, complexity and gizmos – brought to you in very do-able, uncomplicated steps, checklists and examples... what do you think the effect on your trading would be?

Even if you had just a FRACTION of the success that my team and I have had... how do you think your life would change?

I believe you know the answer to that question already. You see, a successful trader doesn't have to make $19,000-plus every single time he or she makes a trade. Nor does anyone have to win every single trade for 160 straight days to do phenomenally well in the stock market.

Now it's YOUR turn to experience the mountaintop - by doing exactly what we do. You can dust off those financial goals and all of your dreams... it's time to follow a master trader on the path of trading success.

This is about you and your future—starting today. This is your ship coming in, with you at the helm—no one else! It's up to you, so grab the best learning material out there, approved by Adam Mesh Trading Group—the top-ranked stock market coaching guys on the planet.

The stock market has been moving wildly!

And even though you can't time the market, some stocks are moving from 2% to 30% in one week! This is a very special stock market with very special wealth opportunities—so it's time to get excited about what your life could be like just a few weeks from now! You can literally choose how high you want to go, because this course allows you to set your own limits.

Is there instant gratification?

No, you must learn first. But it's far easier and more enjoyable than you can imagine. This is an exciting journey—and you get to watch your progress while master coach Christian Tharp guides you.

Real Life Success Stories

Christian had a student back in 2009 that told him she was about to retire, and was worried about how to fund her retirement after the 2008 crash. After Christian coached her, she mentioned that her financial advisor had made her 20+% on her accounts. But on her own, she had made over 250% that year based on what she learned from Christian!

Remember... this was AFTER the economy tanked! Now, based on what you will learn in the 5-Star Trading Academy, how do you think YOU could do? And what could be possible once you knew that you could make these gains in an up or down market in any economy?

In 2010, another Average Joe told Christian that at the beginning of his learning experience, he'd never made any money in the market. But in his final week of training, he was 4 out of 5 in his last 5 trades... and up an average of 21%!

And just about a month ago, Stephen had just finished up on his training. Prior to enrolling in Christian's course had been breaking even in his trading. But just before finishing up he emailed Christian, showing all of his trades. He was something like 19 out of 21 winning trades!

Shown below is just one example of the many opportunities Christian reports on. Soon YOU will begin spotting opportunities just like this!

Do you see the $5.00 profit potential on the long and/or short side—depending on which way this stock moves? We teach you how to spot opportunities like this every day... and sometimes we point them out!

In 6 months to 1 year, moves like these could easily lead to a
six-figure account balance!

"What else will I learn in the 5-Star Trading Academy?"

Here's just a small sampling of what you'll learn...

Seize the Day! There's no better time

I'm sure that by now, you can see that the 5-Star Trading Academy is the ONE integrated approach to mastery and unqualified success for anyone at any stage of trading experience in the stock market. Christian Tharp undeniably has the "trader's DNA" that YOU need to learn how to take consistent profits from the market. So who would you rather have at your back—a TV software "stock guru" who says he's a master? Or a PROVEN master - star coach - and successful trader at the top of this game?

Become one of the 3-5% select few who take money out of the market all the time. Learning how has never been simpler, easier, more fun or lower in cost than the 5-Star Trading Academy. Secure your place in this winning fraternity today.

You set the scene. Just imagine...

You haven't lived until you make money trading right from your favorite vacation spot! Or you may like looking over your stocks and orders on your iPhone or laptop while enjoying a calm morning outside at home... or at your local bistro or coffee shop. Or you could do like I do... call in your order while you're playing at the park with your children. YOU CAN TRADE ANYWHERE. With your new, carefree lifestyle, you will love it as much as Christian and I do ours.

But on the other side of this idyllic vision of freedom is something I DON'T want to see happen
in your life! Let me back up just a bit and explain something...

The American Dream... and You

It wasn't long ago that unemployment was around 3%. Jobs were so plentiful that anyone could begin a career with a great company and stick with them for decades. Many saw the American dream as getting a good job, buying a home, raising a family, funding college, taking vacations, putting money into a promising pension—and eventually retiring with a well-to-do lifestyle.

Then the 2007 financial crisis hit. And even before the horrific shock of what was happening had even set in - the value of vast hordes of "sure-thing" retirement portfolios began emptying out almost overnight. Share values of buy-and-hold stocks plummeted. Companies went out of existence. Jobs were beginning their mass exodus out of U.S.

Layoffs continued. Many older folks whose retirement dreams were now shattered had to go back into the workforce, often working at menial jobs at "big box" stores just to pay bills. Today, retirement for so many Americans is unsure or nonexistent. And most young Americans have no idea if - let alone when - they'll be able to retire with any guarantee of continuing benefits. The future is highly in question – it sounds like a recipe for broken dreams.

But I'm here to tell you... it DOESN'T have to be that way for you!

Your Biggest Risk

The biggest risk you now face is the one you DON'T take to ensure a solid financial future for yourself right now. The way I recommend you build that future—and a phenomenal living right now besides—is to take the helm of a machine that will continually produce wealth for you. The stock market is just such machine—the wealth generator of the Free Market Economy.

You see, the stock market ISN'T in a recession!

Today, the Wall Street Money Dynamo is well-oiled and humming along quite nicely! Sure, the seas are heavy out there – but the stock market is one of the most dynamic, powerful forces in America today. Fortunes are being made regardless of the market conditions and the job situation. The 5-Star Trading Academy will teach you exactly how to take advantage of every opportunity you spot – and there are literally thousands of them!

Here's exactly what you will receive when you order the 5-Star Trading Academy...

The Manual
the 5-Star Trading Academy Manual - containing enough training to make me successful in the stock market, as Christian Tharp promised. As a result, even if I only have a FRACTION of the success you and Christian have, I will be a portable profit dynamo withmy knowledge and mastery of the market
The Workbook
the 5-Star Trading Academy Workbook - putting everything I have learned in the Manual and the DVD tutorials to the test! I will be able to refer back to the information in the entire course again and again for "refresher training" and sharpen my knowledge and discipline even more.
The Video Tutorials
the 5-Star Trading Academy DVD Tutorial - 2 hours of explicit, clear, dynamic teaching and trading scenarios - from initial selection of a stock all the way to putting on trades, talkking profits and every aspect of the discipline necessary to WIN CONSISTENTLY in the stock market.

Now it's time to put the 5-Star Trading Academy to work for you!

Remember: You're assured that the 5-Star Trading Academy will teach you what you need to go out and make a fortune in the stock market... simply, enjoyably and easily!

All you need to do is follow exactly what Christian Tharp teaches you and you will learn – starting right now – exactly how to take control of the market and your money...

This program is most definitely worth as much money as those infomercial trading software "marketeers" are peddling their "bells and whistles" software for. But the truth is, it's worth far more. Most of those programs will relieve you of your hard-earned cash. The 5-Star Trading Academy reverses the trend and puts you back on the road to true wealth!

I wanted to price this amazing course at $497. But after a lot of deliberation I settled on $247 for the entire breakthrough program.

But that would've gone against Christian's desire to make this amazing course... and the opportunity before you now... affordable to the Average Joe.

So I'm going to charge only $99 for the 5-Star Trading Academy Manual, Workbook and 2-hour Video Trading Tutorial. And that's a bargain for this life-changing, game-changing package!

But That's Not All You'll Receive...

Because we have something truly amazing and revolutionary that will launch you on a brand-new wave of trading success, we want to deliver ALL the value we can with it. So we want you to have something more—

I'm talking about Christian Tharp's awesome Marketcast calls, conducted every Monday and Friday at 9am Eastern time. The incredible power of the 5-Star Trading Academy and your learning will come alive in a way you'd never believe possible - as you listen in on Christian while he discusses new trading opportunities, charting – filters, levels, and what he sees on the horizon.

You will look with new-found recognition and confidence at opportunities never spotted before! The framework of successful thinking and trading will take shape in your mind more clearly than ever, as you see the details unfold.


For the first 250 who order the 5-Star Trading Academy, I will include 2 free months' worth of Christian Tharp's Marketcast Calls and his Mid-Week E-Mail Update!

Marketcast Calls take place every Monday and Friday Morning at 9am. Here you can listen to Christian's forecast, commentary, and analysis on the market. Plus he gives you a peak at stocks he's ready to trade or is already trading.

And in-between Marketcast calls you can stay in touch with Christian every Wednesday morning with The Mid-Week Email Update. Here he shares his take on any news or developments that may affect the market or your investments.

This is a $295.00 value, and students receive thousands and thousands of dollars of potential profit value and education from every call!

BUT I can ONLY offer these TWO EXTRA BONUSES to the first 250 who order the
5-Star Trading Academy. I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw this offer after the first 250 orders!

PLUS, if I hear from you in the next 24-hours you get TWO ADDITIONAL BONUSES ABSOLUTELY FREE

Every trading day prior to market open morning you'll get Today's Big Stock containing Christian's potential biggest winning stock of the day. Sent each day via email it comes with a simple easy to read one-year chart showing the set-up of a potential big breakout. It comes with Christian's commentary, analysis and specific instructions on how he plans on playing each stock.

You'll join the more than 150,000 readers who start every day completely informed and prepared for battle!

Sent via email every day The Mesh Report alerts you to breaking financial news that could affect your trading portfolio. It offers a unique perspective on the real story behind what the media is reporting opening your eyes to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

You'll get unparalleled access to a team of top traders and market experts. A private-brain trust covering all financial news from treasuries and futures, stocks and options, to politics while giving you their unique perspective on the day's events in the financial markets.  

And because I believe you will succeed, I'VE ACCEPTED ALL THE RISK IN THIS OFFER. Learn the 5-Star Trading Academy. Watch the video tutorials, test yourself on your knowledge using the workbook – and listen to the Marketcast calls. Take 30 days. Give it your best shot. And if it hasn't begun revolutionizing your approach to the stock market or your thinking – then I will refund your money. No questions asked.

If you are completely satisfied after 30 days you'll pay just $29.95 a month for unlimited access to the Marketcast Calls and Mid-Week Email Update.

I am TREMENDOUSLY CONFIDENT that 5-Star Trading Academy is THE gateway to every stock trader's dreams come true!

Remember... even if you made only a FRACTION of the wealth that I have generated from my trading, you would be very well-off for the rest of your life!

I know for sure that ANYONE can learn how to trade the right way. I've seen thousands succeed using what Christian and I have taught... over and over, one trader at a time... and any one of them will tell you that the adventure and the risk are WORTH IT!

Take your first step on this Great Adventure and join us today.

Click Here To Secure Your 100%, Risk Free
Enrollment in the 5-Star Trading Academy!

I'll be waiting to hear from you on your new successes!

Adam Mesh

P.S. Please remember... space is extremely limited in the 5-Star Trading Academy... I only have 500 spaces open for enrollment. If you pass up this opportunity now, I can't guarantee it'll be waiting for you later.